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Doucet Fisheries Ltd was incorporated by George Doucet in 1978, although George had run a small fish filleting enterprise in Weymouth, Nova Scotia since 1955. His son Michel Doucet, now owner of Doucet Fisheries Ltd grew up on the wharves of Southwest Nova Scotia working alongside his father who retired in 1984. In the spring of that year, Michel graduated from Moncton University with a Business Degree and returned home to work at the business full time. In the fall of 2008 the processing was moved to a new facility located in Comeauville, Nova Scotia. Thirty employees work almost full time, contributing to provide top quality haddock, cod, flounder and ocean perch fillets to long-time and new customers of Doucet Fisheries Ltd.


About Us

We market only the best fresh and frozen fish fillets from the clean Atlantic waters in the Scotia-Fundy Management Region. This area comprises of the Scotian Shelf, Bay of Fundy and Georges Bank, also referred to as NAFO Divisions 4V, 4W, 4X and the Canadian portions of the Georges Bank 5Y and 5Z.







Doucet Fisheries Ltd. wild haddock catches come straight from Canadian waters of the North Atlantic. Our haddock products are prepared and packaged in Nova Scotia. Try haddock in your recipes, especially when making tasty fish & chips! You will be seduced by its tenderness and flavour.



atlantic_codDoucet Fisheries Ltd. cod catches come straight from southern Nova Scotia and Georges Bank. Cod is a lean fish that flakes into large pieces and has a sweet flavour. Atlantic cod is available year round, fresh or frozen.


Ocean Perch

ocean_perchWith its blazing colors ranging from orange to red flame, ocean perch is frequently found in deep waters along the borders of major fishing banks of the Atlantic. When cut into filets, its flesh is firm, white and thin and very easy to digest. Ocean perch is delicious raw, smoked or even cold. Also known as Red Snapper, ocean perch is delicious in soups and chowders.


Winter Flounder

flounderWinter Flounder, also known as black back, is a flat, bizarre-looking yet delicious fish. It has an olive-brown colour with rust-coloured markings. Once cooked, its boneless flesh is white on the belly side and slightly darker on the back, lean, flaky and sweet. Flounder is sold fresh or frozen. Aside from being rich in protein, flounder is also rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in fat. This hardy fish also has a great shelf life


Bait/Fish Offal

Haddock cuttings

 Frozen Haddock cuttings are frozen fresh every day.  Lobster fishermen are using this product successful as a cost efficient alternative to  other types of bait.  This product is sold by the pallet (1920 lbs, 40x48lbs) or by the truckload (26 pallets). 


Find Us

We are located at 32 Ocean Drive, Comeauville, Nova Scoia, Canada